Fans or Fanatics: Nixon's Gear Bag
by dean adams
Friday, October 08, 2004

When Daytona-winner Gary Nixon raced the F750 world championship in '76, he carried his gear in this bag.
image by gary nixon
Racer Gary Nixon raced a Kawasaki at least twice in his long career. Although he's a rider most fans of the era associate with either BSA or Triumph, Nixon was part of the early 1970s Team Hansen Kawasaki effort and, after a stint with Suzuki, he and Erv Kanemoto raced the 1976 F750 world cup; where they won and later lost the F750 world title.

A few years ago Nixon was selling most of his old memorabilia on eBay and I was fortunate enough to buy the leather Bates Kawasaki gear bag that he carried his gear around in the 1970s.

The bag, like Nixon, has seen hard miles but is still in very functional, decent shape. Nixon was still using it when he'd come to the track in 2000.

Nixon says long-time leather house Bates only made two of these bags, one for him and the other for Barry Sheene. Nixon's now sits on a shelf in my office.

If this bag could talk ...


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