DuHamel Has Severe Internal Injuries
by dean adams
Wednesday, August 08, 2007

After his CT scans and x-rays came back and were examined by medical professionals it was learned that Miguel DuHamel has suffered a lacerated liver, a perforated lung and a bruised lung in his Road Atlanta crash today.

Clearly the lacerated liver is the most troubling of the three injuries although none of them are to be taken lightly.

A lacerated liver can be fatal if untreated and can take an extended amount of time to fully heal. In many cases doctors will not allow someone with this condition to perform any activity where further trauma is possible.

Persons at the scene of the crash said that DuHamel experienced some sort of trouble near the top of the turn 12 hill and soon after the bike went completely sideways and impacted the turn 12 wall, which had tires, straw bales and airfence in front of it.

DuHamel's Honda CBR1000RR was destroyed in the crash which took place on a very hot day in Georgia. Thermometers were cranking all the way to 106 degrees at the track today.

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