Mission Accomplished: Hennen In The Hall of Fame
by dean adams
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I've been on the Motorcycle Hall of Fame committee for years and it has been my pleasure to help in a small way to get several legends into the Hall of Fame.

For several years fellow selection committee member and Cycle News editor Paul Carruthers and myself have pushed to get racer Pat Hennen into the Hall of Fame.

I'm really happy to report that this year Pat Hennen was voted into the Hall of Fame and actually attended the induction ceremony.

Hennen is one of the most important American figures in Grand Prix racing. He was the first American to win a 500cc Grand Prix (then the top tier class, pre-MotoGP) and certainly one of the most promising riders of the 1970s—the guy beat Agostini, albeit in the Italian legend's latter years.

His racing career, sadly, ended at the Isle of Man.

Hennen had a legitimate shot at the 1978 world championship.


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