Further Proof That McQueen Was One Of Us
by staff
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Most of the words written about this Honda commercial starring the late Steve McQueen center around the location of where it was shot, the market it was shown in (Japan) and how much Honda paid McQueen to do it (One million dollars).

Which is short of a shame. Because this may very well be not just the best commercial ever produced for a motorcycle, but a rarely seen bit of cinematography that truly captures the joy of riding, and why a segment of the world has an absolute blast by riding a motorcycle.

In a lot of ways, motorcycling in America needs Steve McQueen--and all enthusiasts--now more than ever. And while some may focus on the fact that McQueen would be 80 years old today or has been dead for thirty years, the legacy that he left motorcycling is vast and stands the test of time.

The smile that McQueen has on his face before he rides off into the desert on his Elsinore is one that all motorcyclists know well.


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