VIR Strikes Back: There Was No Contract?
by dean adams
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This media release just in from Virginia International Raceway.

The statements in this release suggest that DMG didn't have a signed contract with VIR. If true, it would seem DMG's adoption of North Korea's school of conflict resolution (create newer, bigger problems that dwarf the original ones) is still the style du jour.

Media Alert: July 12, 2011  
"VIR has received a number of inquiries and expressions of disappointment regarding the lack of a 2011 AMA Pro Racing event at VIR.   As with any disagreement, there are two sides to every story.  We want to make it clear that the decision was not one-sided, as David Atlas' remarks have implied, and that VIR made numerous proposals to AMA Pro Racing to keep this event on schedule.   Due to our 10 year history with this premiere event, we are as disappointed by this outcome as most of those we have heard from. 
VIR has worked hard to bring the event to fruition for months.  Despite requests by VIR beginning in December 2010, AMA Pro Racing did not deliver its proposed contract for the 2011 event to VIR until early June 2011.   Resulting discussions made it apparent that insufficient time remained to negotiate the new terms in the proposed contract and, if agreement were reached, to plan, promote and conduct the event in a professional manner. 
In an effort to preserve the date, VIR went to extraordinary lengths to reach an alternative agreement with AMA Pro Racing, which AMA Pro Racing chose to reject.  Given these circumstances, we had no choice but to take the date off the calendar and notify the public promptly."


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