Daytona Winning Project One Atlanta Shuttered; Team Working For Buell?
by dean adams
Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ex-racer, Ducati and Honda Superbike wrench Perry Melneciuc has shuttered his Project 1 Atlanta team again. The scrappy little squad of 'mechanics with time on their hands' performed an amazing David vs Goliath feat by winning the 2012 Daytona 200 with rider Joey Pascarella.

Melneciuc and his wife Kellee were unable to find adequate funding to continue for the rest of the DMG season.

It's common knowledge that DMG officials have been trying to convince known good mechanics and crewchiefs including Melneciuc to join the Buell Superbike squad—ostensibly to help the Erik Buell Superbike become more competitive. It's predicted that most of P1 Atlanta will join the Buell squad soon.

Presumably this leaves Daytona winner Pascarella without a ride. While some dismissed Pascarella because of his possible 'feral child' appearance, the simple fact is that he rode his heart out at Daytona and beat a long list of established riders and big teams to win his first Daytona 200. There is no asterisk by his win, at all. Pascarella made a big portion of the Daytona 200 grid look like they possibly spent way too much time focused on their hair or which sunglasses to wear.

Joey Pascarella even impressed the nearly impossible to impress Gary Medley. Longtime Superbike crewchief Medley won the Daytona 200 with Scott Russell multiple times and also wrenched Russell to the World Superbike championship, and Kawasaki's first (and only) Suzuka 8 hours win, back when that round of the World Endurance championship was more important in some corners of Japan than the 500 Grand Prix title.

Since then Medley has compared few riders he's worked with or seen with Russell, until Joey Pascarella.

"I was impressed, watching Joey at Daytona," Medley said last week. "He reminded me a lot of a young Scott Russell in his riding. Just in the way that he was so controlled and at the same time aggressive. He used the whole track at Daytona to go fast--like a bullring. He wasn't just fast in one place, he was fast everywhere. Just like Russell."

Pascarella's plans are unknown.


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