This Just In: Hell Freezes Over
Rossi follows Biaggi On Twitter
by dean adams
Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Rossi tempts the fates with some late night weekend Internet activity.
Sometime in the dark of night last weekend a huge shift occurred in the fabric of racing. That's when Valentino Rossi decided to follow his arch-rival Max Biaggi on Twitter.

Biaggi and Rossi were at one time the rivalry of Grand Prix. But their war of words, fisticuffs and mean-spirited pranks ended when Biaggi left MotoGP for WSBK. The sea of fire between the two has been slowly extinguishing with time. Rossi being essentially globally humiliated for the last two seasons may or may not be a factor in this new-found chumminess.

Rossi has made quick work of the Internet, especially for a guy who didn't even have an e-mail address a few years ago and his technique for Google searches was "Tell Uccio to look it up."

Likewise, Twitter has become the medium for riders to make amends for old wounds--Carl Fogarty made eyebrows raise last year when he "tweeted" an apology to all the riders he'd been a jerk to in his career.


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