Valentino Rossi Post-Race Press Debrief Laguna Seca Transcript
by susan haas
Monday, July 30, 2012

Q It is reported that you brought an offer of (Euro) 17,000,000 from Audi.

A No. This is important to say. Important. This is completely not true. My offer for next year is less money than the offer of these two years, and I think is also right, because the situation of all the world is difficult, and also I arrive from two bad season with less result. So is normal that they take less money, less money than last year.

Q What is your priority for your choice? A better bike?

A We have - so, I think, because in one way I can be very competitive in a short period; in the other way, at least we need more time. But for sure, the ... the level to win with the Ducati, the challenge to win with the Ducati, is higher, because nobody win with three different brand, so is something special. So I have to decide between these two

Q At this stage of your career though, Valentino, is it too much of a risk to stay with Ducati and be in this position again for another two years

A Is a big risk, yeah. Is a big risk also because I have to do the decision - is not, I cannot wait too much. If not, Dovizioso become very angry. [Laughter] So I have to, you know. But at the same time, the problem is that for wait the Audi and Ducati, is very early now for understand who will come to work, to work for the guys in Ducati. So I have to make a bet without very clear situation

Q Is it now just between Ducati and Yamaha? Are those the only choices you have

A I have also the third option, but is not in the factory team

Q But you are considering this option as well, or not

A I consider this option, but for sure I want to stay with a factory bike, so is the third option.

Q How would you feel about stepping back to Yamaha, stepping back to being the teammate of Lorenzo again, after there was some tension before? He said that he would not have a problem with this. From your side, what is your feeling?

A The situation change a lot, because, so - my feeling change a lot, because change the situation. I mean, I had some problem in the past with Jorge, especially because I was angry with Yamaha. Because after what all I did for Yamaha, they put me in a team, a very strong teammate. So I was pissed off with Yamaha, more than him. Now, now is a different situation. I understand that anyway Yamaha make the right choice for Yamaha. And I think this is not a big problem.

Q This week, Ducati will try Scott Redding at Mugello. What do you think about his potential with this bike, and what can he expect when he jumps on that bike?

A I know, because I am very close with the Ducati guys for the future, so they speak to me about the bikes, about young riders, they spoke about Iannone. But also Redding is - first is the English hope, you know? After Cal. But I think he have a good potential. He's a young gun and he can be fast.

Q Can Ducati exploit their luck with Cal? Do you think that he is a rider that they should be looking at, if you were to go?

A For me, Cal is another - I already say. The style and the mind of Cal can be suitable for the Ducati.

Q If you went back to Yamaha, then probably for the first time in your career you would be the number two rider. What is your feeling about this, and how do you think that you would be able to cope with the situation?

A This is another important thing for make the choice, because in Ducati I can be the number one, and the Yamaha have Lorenzo. Is another thing - another, to wait, to understand.


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