Stoner Pulls Psyche Job
by staff
Thursday, March 08, 2012

Much like several Aussie World Champion predecessors, Casey Stoner rarely resists the chance to land a mental blow on his rivals through the media.

Last Saturday, Repsol trotted out its sponsored 2012 World Championship riders in a dog-and-pony show in Madrid (team intros in Spain actually do include horses). Reigning World Champion Stoner stepped into that opening to jab MotoGP rival Valentino Rossi and his troubles with Ducati during testing last week at Sepang.

"All the other Ducatis were faster than his during the test," Stoner said about Rossi. "He wasn't worried about a single fast lap, but he is the lead rider on the team, and he should be the fastest before complaining so much. He needs to figure out why the GP12 performed well in the first test, and poorly in the second ... but I honestly hope they can turn things around, as it would be good for the entire championship."

Pulling out the Ovaltine secret decoder ring, Stoner meant: "Hey, Vale. Quit yer bitching, mate. You're slow, lost and not getting any younger. I hope you have a good year because in the words of the immortal MC Hammer, you can't touch this."


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