New In the Soup Store: 1989 Honda NSR500 Art Print
printed on larger, brighter stock--$78.89

New in the Soup store, a larger, brighter print: the incredible 1989 Honda NSR500 as ridden by Eddie Lawson.
image thanks, seevert
We have imported a very limited quantity of the larger Seevert art prints. These prints differ from the other art prints that we sell. They are:

  • Printed on larger stock. These prints measure 16.5 x 23.5 inches.

  • Brighter paper stock is used for these prints, which enhances the color and detail of the artist's work.

    The 1989 Honda NSR500 is a Grand Prix motorcycle used by Eddie Lawson and Team Kanemoto Honda to win the 1989 500cc FIM world championship. Lawson had controversially left Yamaha after the 1988 season and joined Erv Kanemoto and Honda. While few expected the small team and Lawson to win the world championship, incredibly they did so, with Lawson becoming one of a group of very exclusive riders to win consecutive 500cc titles on two different make of motorcycles.

    This print is, simply, incredible.

    The detail of these prints, when published on brighter paper stock, is incredible.
    image thanks, seevert

    Note the level of detail in the carbon fiber shroud over the front brake disc, and the shadowing between the front fender and tire.

    Note the seam on the exhaust pipe, and on the screw heads. Incredible.
    image thanks, seevert

    Also, note the detail in the welds of the aluminum frame, or the seam on the exhaust pipe and the detail on the plastic wrap over the rear brake line. This level of detail is why Seevert's work is occasionally mistaken for photographs.

    All prints are shipped in a crush-proof tube, ready for framing.

    Buy the 1989 Honda NSR500 Rothman's Honda art print, printed on larger, brighter paper for $78.89

    $78.89 Buy the 1989 Honda NSR500 Rothman's Honda art print, printed on larger, brighter paper here via PayPal. US Orders Only.


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