Rolfo Lasts Five DAYS With Ioda
by staff
Monday, November 19, 2012

Robbie Rolfo's tenure with Ioda Racing has lasted just five days, as Rolfo revealed Friday that he will not ride a Claiming Rule Teams bike for the team in 2013 despite being unveiled as an Ioda rider at Valencia.

Rolfo and team officials participated at Valencia in the usual dog-and-pony show surrounding a new rider: Grip-and-grin pictures and media interviews along with fellow Ioda CRT teammate Danilo Petrucci.

But Rolfo confirmed Italian media reports he will not race for Ioda due to a contractual impasse. Contract problems for CRT seats usually involve a lack of funding, as a rider who wants a lower-rung CRT ride like Ioda must bring a check that will clear.

Such is the sad state of the CRT experiment, which has done little for Grand Prix motorcycle racing other than swell grids mainly with marginal riders on sub-standard equipment. The extermination of the production-based class in 2014 can't come soon enough.


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