All is Well
by dean adams
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Question: What does one call a national racing series that does not have a TV package?

Answer: glorified club racing.

It hasn't been an easy off-season for the DMG crowd this year with bad news piling up in certain sectors. Sears Point is off the 2013 schedule and at least one major support team has opted out of the series. On top of that, last week rumors reached fever pitch that the TV network Speed would not be televising any DMG races after Daytona in 2013.

The well placed rumor this week is that Speed is said to be planning to televise just three "rounds" of the 2013 DMG/AMA Pro Racing series: full coverage at Daytona, MotoGP support classes at Laguna Seca while at Indianapolis, Speed will televise just the Nationwide bikes (XR1200).

Some fear that if the DMG championship goes into 2013 without a full strength TV package that this may be the cement overshoes fitted to the series before it is thrown off the side of a boat. Most of the major sponsorship contracts within the series are contingent on the races being televised.

This situation attracts conjecture. Much of it centers on the assumption that if Speed TV morphs into a mainstream sports channel that only occasionally shows motorsports, then all motorcycle racing is in potential danger of being homeless on TV. Will Speed/Fox Sports 1 show MotoGP or WSBK next year?

One could certainly draw conclusions from the way that Speed treated world championship racing as the '12 WSBK finished up that all is not well with roadracing motorcycles on Speed. Speed chopped off WSBK programming to show NASCAR programing at least twice.

Television production sources suggest no one should be overly worried, that this will probably work itself out and if not, there are other networks who would possibly be interested in televising the series. All is well.


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