SoupKast by Honda 154: CC Rider
by staff
Saturday, November 25, 2012

SoupKast by Honda 154 has been live on iTunes for some time, but in case you missed it, here's a direct link.

In this podcast we chat with ex-Harley-Davidson Superbike rider and occasional dirt tracker Chris Carr. Longtime friend of Soup, (his helmet still hangs in the Soup office) Carr is always hugely entertaining. He talks about the old Harley-Davidson Superbike program, why he stepped out of dirt track and what he's up to these days. Carr also talks about spending the 2012 Indy Mile with his new friend, dirt track fan Valentino Rossi.

Carr is well known for having not yet fallen into the deep hole of nostalgia. If you'd like to sit around and talk about what an amazing and iconic time the 1980s were in dirt track, or how incredible it was that Carr raced an XR750, ya might want to find another podcast. In an era when MotoGP bikes can do a season on six engines, Carr spills the beans on the other side of the technological lifespan equation—saying that when he needed it to be at the front, they had to rebuild their XR750 every hundred miles.

The title? A homage to the greatest ever Joe Namath biker flick which culminates with a riveting scene where rival bikers settle their differences by racing each other on a dirt track. This after they do laps on an outdoor MX track—on their choppers. Also—Ann Margret.

(The above audio link will not work on the OS9 phone nor the OS9 pad. We're trying to formulate a solution. Still.)


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