Dovi' On Crutchlow & Ducati: 'On this bike everybody have a problem'
by dean adams
Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ducati MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso seems to have a very realistic expectation of what his new teammate, Cal Crutchlow, can do on the Ducati MotoGP bike.

Speaking recently on the hypothetical situation of Cal Crutchlow riding the Ducati MotoGP bike in 2014, Dovi' seemed very unimpressed and at least bored with the idea of Crutchlow on the Ducati. The way he talked it made you think that it was either going to take Casey Stoner or Jesus himself--or both--to ride the Ducati back to victory circle.

"It would be interesting to see (Crutchlow on the Ducati) but if Cal comes on this team we have to see how the bike will be when he comes. On this bike everybody have a problem. I don't think that this Ducati have one positive point right now. We have a few limits in every area and with a bike like this you cannot go fast. You can do one fast lap sometimes in some situation. But this is not the speed for the race. You see that the gap in every track is the same."

"So I think then this is the limit. And with the bike we have now I think you can have many (different riding) styles and and go in the same lap time. Because with the limits that we have many different riders get to one level and stop. You can't be really fast and stay in the front."

"Sure, more feedback is always good, but it's very clear what you have to do to solve this problem. This year Cal looks a little bit stronger than last year so it will be interesting to see him on this bike."

It's been an interesting process to see Dovi' ride the Ducati. His initial optimism came from his belief that he would be the "A" rider on the Ducati MotoGP team. By the Austin round of the series—just the second round—he seemed brought back to earth, saying that the team didn't have a rider problem or a tire problem, that they have a "bike problem".

At Laguna Seca, clearly dispirited, Dovi' seemed resigned to salvaging what he could from 2013 and, like many Ducati riders before him, hopeful that the next Ducati GP bike will be the one that returns the Italian manufacturer to full competitive status.


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