WSBK Aiming For Monza Return
by staff
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Go-Show at Monza the year Scott quit--it was going great right up until it wasn't. Tony Romo runs down to cover the damage.
image by dean f adams

Officials from Dorna WSBK and the Autodromo Nazionale Monza met recently in Barcelona to talk about returning World Superbike to the legendary Italian track in 2015.

Monza was not included on the provisional WSBK calendar for 2014 due to safety concerns. The track hosted 22 WSBK event weekends from 1990-2013, missing out only in 1991 and 1994.

Monza is on the 'top five racetracks in the world' list for a great many people ...
A return to Monza would depend on FIM homologation. The circuit is considered too fast, with not enough runoff area, for world-level 1000cc motorcycle racing. But slowing the bikes through track reconfiguration could prove difficult since the track was built among the woods of the Royal Villa Park of Monza. Strict environmental regulations prevent cutting numerous trees, which probably would be a part of any circuit changes.

Additional chicanes could be added. But the speed of the circuit already has been emasculated by the addition of three chicanes. One of those chicanes, entering the Variante della Roggia, features dangerously little run-off area.

Monza is on the 'top five racetracks in the world' list for a great many people and the WSBK event there is a true spectacle for the viewer (take the path) but without major changes Monza, sadly, seems to be living on borrowed time as a WSBK track.


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