LCR Dreams Of Second MotoGP Bike In 2015
by staff
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

DORNA's investment in LCR in '06 worked well for Casey Stoner.
Lucio Cecchinello has built a solid, efficient MotoGP team since it first raced in the premier class in 2006 with a promising Australian rider named Casey Stoner.

LCR has stayed within its means and technical ability the last eight seasons. That methodical approach, combined with the skill of German rider Stefan Bradl and a factory RC213V, helped the team in 2013 enjoy its best results since its single season with Stoner.

Now it's time for the next step: Cecchinello said he wants to add a second bike to his team in 2015 if sponsorship can be found.

LCR almost added a second RC213V factory bike or RC1000R "customer" bike for 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nick Hayden for 2014, but budget shortfalls ended that effort. Still, that effort laid the framework for a second machine in 2015.

"It would be a dream to be able to finalize that program, but the reality is that in the end, to make a proper plan, we need a budget," Cecchinello said.

In 2006 LCR was propped up by sanctioning body DORNA. DORNA guaranteed the payment to HRC which enabled LCR to lease RC211s for Casey Stoner. Stoner showed himself to be a very capable MotoGP pilot and he won the 2007 MotoGP title with Ducati.


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