The King of Raced Too Long Says Rossi Has Raced Too Long
by staff
Thursday, December 05, 2013

In 2007 Ago was still spouting that it was time for Biaggi to retire and Rossi was still a viable threat to his crown.
image by tim wowington

It seems like Giacomo Agostini takes great joy in telling Italian riders that they have ridden past their sell-by date. Previously he has pointedly told media that Max Biaggi was finished as a rider and should retire. Biaggi went on to win the WSBK title twice after ignoring the great Ago's advice.

Fifteen-time World Champion Giacomo Agostini remains the only statistical measuring stick left for Valentino Rossi, so Ago has little motivation to offer any encouragement to Rossi at this point.

Agostini recently said at a Dainese-sponsored function that he doesn't blame Rossi for trying to shake up his operation by firing crew chief Jeremy Burgess and replacing him with longtime World Superbike wrench Silvano Galbusera. But like many MotoGP media and fans around the world, Ago doubts the change will do much to reverse the riptide of time for Rossi.

"I think that Galbusera will be a further incentive for Vale," Agostini said to Italian media. "Although when you come to a certain age, you have to deal with the lucidity and reflections, which are not what they used to be. I've been there. I know what it means, and I understand it well."

Rossi turns 35 in February. Agostini was 35 when he hung up his leathers for good after the 1977 season. Ago's last season of racing--was it strength to strength at ever race? Sorry, no. At the final race of the 1977 500 season Ago had perhaps the fastest bike of his career but struggled to fight off Kevin Wretteon for ninth place.


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