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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 'Cribs'-style tour of Spanish MotoGP star Jorge Lorenzo's home was pulled from YouTube.
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A recent YouTube video tour of MotoGP star Jorge Lorenzo's home, shot by energy drink Monster, has been removed from YouTube and, at the moment, can no longer be viewed.

The video showed Lorenzo's home as an opulent mansion with a multi-level pool and a garage full of expensive cars.

While certainly very nice and certainly luxurious, Lorenzo's home didn't look vastly different from the homes of Casey Stoner, or American John Kocinski, the latter who once had his Beverly Hills home featured in Architectural Digest magazine.

Spanish sources suggest that fans began to lash out at Lorenzo over the video, with a point being made that Lorenzo was showing off his opulent home in a country where the unemployment rate is above 26% and tipping over 45% in some age ranges. A recent NPR story reported that furniture maker IKEA received over 20,000 applications for 400 positions they advertised when opening a new store in Valencia.

The video was pulled with no official explanation.

Jorge Lorenzo is unquestionably one of the three best motorcycle racers in the world. He's won the MotoGP world championship twice. With that sort of skill and accomplishment, his exposure as a sportsman is enormous; as a result of that he is well paid by both Yamaha and Monster. His market value, regardless of the unemployment rate in Spain, is equitable with Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi.

After watching Lorenzo flick a MotoGP bike into a fast corner on cold tires, or hunt down a Honda in the final laps of a race it's hard to walk away and feel he is somehow overpaid or hasn't earned a rock star-level home. As one of the few Rossi teammates who have mopped the garage floor with the Italian, Lorenzo is, if anything, underpaid.


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