Rossi Fans: To The Pitchforks! Ago Says VR46 Won't Win Another Title.
by staff
Thursday, January 10, 2013

Agostini, who won Daytona and a world championship on a Yamaha, says Rossi will not win another title.
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Grand Prix deity Giacomo Agostini thinks Valentino Rossi will be a competitive racer again on a Yamaha, but he doubts Rossi will win a 10th World Championship.

"I'm convinced that Valentino Rossi isn't finished as a racer, but I think it will be difficult for him to win the next championship," Agostini said. "It has been two years since Valentino won a race and three since he last won a world title, in 2009. Beyond that, he also is two years older.

"Age does matter. Otherwise, I would still be racing."

Agostini is one of just two riders above Rossi on the all-time world title list. He won 15 World Championships during the 1960s and 1970s, including a record eight in the premier class. Angel Nieto won 13 World Championships in the 50cc and 125cc classes. Many believe that the two seasons that Rossi spent at Ducati have removed any possibility that he would be able to match or beat Ago's record in GP racing.


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