Charlotte's Web (of Disaster)
by dean adams
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Above is video footage recently unearthed from the video tapes that the late Merlyn Plumlee sent us when time was getting short for him and he wanted to unload some of his clutter. We have only made it through about a quarter of MP's wonderfully recorded and annotated tapes.

In 1993 the AMA Superbike series held a race deep in the heart of NASCAR--at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The "road course" that the promoter (who was not the track owner) and the then AMA agreed upon was quite, ah, unique.

The Superbike race at Charlotte included one of the most infamous events in AMA Superbike history, one which included flying straw bales that left pole-sitter Tom Kipp with a broken leg, and Kawasaki rider Miguel DuHamel also in the hospital.

There were several infamous events in this period, starting with the cash purse briefcase being stolen at the Miami round, moving on to the poorly thought out event at Pomona in So-Cal, and then this one at Charlotte. Kipp with a broken leg and his season in tatters was bad enough but after the race the promoter confessed to then AMA Roadrace Manager Roger Edmondson that he didn't have funds to pay both the sanction fee and the purse so the check he'd written for the former wasn't going to be honored by his bank.


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