Alstare Boss: Dorna WSBK Philosophy Backward
by staff
Monday, January 21, 2013

Francois Batta has been a team boss in the World Superbike paddock since 1992, so he has perspective matched by few others about the future direction of the series.

So far, Alstare Ducati main man Batta has a split verdict about Dorna's plans as the administrator of WSBK. He thinks Dorna will provide the production-based series a significant boost in television coverage but isn't a fan of the cost-cutting measures proposed for 2014 by Dorna chief Carmelo Ezpeleta.

Ezpeleta wants to cap the cost of a World Superbike to 250,000 euros per season, excluding crash damage. That strategy is backward and shows Ezpeleta needs to brush up on WSBK history, Batta said.

"Carmelo has not yet mastered the Superbike," Batta said to German media. "I will explain to him that if we put in more limits, the greater the cost.

"I believe that it takes even more freedom to work. In the early years, I'm talking about the late 80s, the technicians had a free hand, but Superbike then cost very little."

A current-spec World Superbike machine costs less than 250,000 euros, Batta said. Budgets soar because of salaries, travel and hospitality expenses and track rentals for testing, he said.


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