Suzuki Will Need Dance Partner In 2014
by staff
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dorna will not grant Suzuki a new team slot on the 2014 for its anticipated return to MotoGP, forcing the Japanese manufacturer to align with an existing team.

This could spark a courtship contest among CRT and satellite teams interested in establishing close ties with a manufacturer.

A link-up with an existing team will be required because Dorna still stings from Suzuki's withdrawal from MotoGP after the 2011 season and wants to ensure stable grid numbers.

Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta granted Suzuki an exemption to the "rookie rule" instituted in 2010 that prevented factory teams from hiring rookie riders, as Suzuki threatened withdrawal from the series if it couldn't put rookie Alvaro Bautista on its sole GSX-R. Then Suzuki quit the sport after 2011, claiming the global economic meltdown as the reason.

"We don't want them saying they will participate and very soon they leave," Ezpeleta said to British media. "They can leave whenever they want as long as they are using one of the existing entries. This is something that Formula One has been doing very well.

"When BMW decided to come, they had to use Williams or Sauber, and when they leave Sauber is still on the grid. So what happens if we give an entry to Aprilia and after one year they decide to leave? You then need to convince somebody else who had an entry but was not accepted to come and take that place.

"One thing is very clear. MotoGP right now is what it is because of the effort of many people, and that includes the existing teams and the CRT. I'm not happy if somebody says, 'Now I am arriving, and now I am leaving.'"


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