The Inn Is Out: Next Time, Apparently, NOT Ramada
by soup slinging slasher
Saturday, January 26, 2013

If you were planning on staying at the semi-infamous Ramada Inn across from the track for Daytona this year--might want to look for other lodging options. It's been demolished, and seems to be in an even worse state than after Gob' 'stayed' there that time.
image by keith patti

Word has reached us that the Daytona Ramada Inn, located right across the track from the tunnel entrance of the track, has been demolished. Word in the FLA is that the land will be used for yet another Olive Garden and maybe a Chi-Chi's. The hordes of people who still go to Daytona for the 200 and always stay near the track may cross that Ramada off the list of possible places to flop.

For many years Chris Carter ran his radio show out of the Ramada Inn. We've found some old audio of Carter's show from 2006 and have performed some Soup-jitsu and made it possible for you to listen to this old audio. Listen and remember the old "Ramader Inn Speedway" as Carter always called it. The peeling paint, the weak drinks, the frat-house level bad carpet and how you were probably never closer to death when you parked on the unlit side of the parking lot and had to scamper for the door without being mugged.

(The above audio link will not work on the OS8.6 phone nor the OS8.6 pad. We're trying to formulate a solution. Still.)


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