Cost Cap Coming To MotoGP in 2017?
by staff
Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta has made waves throughout World Superbike by calling for a price cap of 250,000 euros per bike, per season - excluding crash damage - starting in 2014.

German media last week reported that cost containment in the production-based series is just a start, as Ezpeleta also wants to put a permanent lid of $1 million euros per bike each year in MotoGP starting in 2017. All engine development also will be frozen that season, German media reported.

New Ducati boss Bernhard Gobmeier thinks Ezpeleta should think of all ramifications of a ban on engine development as some manufacturers may gain an unfair advantage by pouring obscene bags of cash into development before the freeze.

"The freezing of engine development is a tricky thing because there is a danger that is ahead of the new development stops of some works still being researched and developed like crazy," Gobmeier said. "That would have a cost increase and should be avoided, absolutely."


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