Honda Honcho Dislikes Don Carmelo's WSBK Plans
Thursday, January 31, 2013

The chorus of opposition continues to grow against Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta's plans to reduce the technology of World Superbike machinery in 2014, essentially turning the class into the current Superstock division.

Honda Racing Europe chief Carlo Fiorani is the latest dissident. He told English media that costs must be cut in WSBK but not through the total dilution of technology.

"We all want to reduce the costs and keep the image," Fiorani said. "Now everybody has to send their opinions from the technical regulations, and now everybody agrees to reduce cost and performance. How to do this is not yet decided, including for Honda.

"We don't want to go in Superstock. And everybody has the same opinion."

Fiorani believes in the concept of production racers, with limited modifications allowed, similar to World Endurance rules. He also supports price-capped suspensions and brakes if different manufacturers are allowed to supply those parts.

"We are in favor to go more in the manner of production but not Superstock," Fiorani said. "The performance of (World) Endurance is OK, where you can modify anything on the cylinder head. Regarding electronics, yes, we are in favor of how to reduce the costs of electronics. No firm proposal yet, so we do not know if they want a common ECU with a fixed cost.

"Another request from Dorna is if we want to fix a maximum price for suspension and parts. We should have the right to enter in the market with Ohlins, Showa, WP, whatever we choose. Same for the brakes.

"Everybody has the right to run their own brakes, but we fix a price and everybody has the right to sell a kit for Superbike for an agreed maximum price. We never talk about the real technical aspects, so now we are still at the stage of the concept. Maybe endurance rules are good for this."


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