Sykes Reluctant To Try And Break Through MotoGP's "Spanish Ceiling"
by staff
Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Maybe it was euphoria, or maybe it was sincere, but Tom Sykes insists he wants to stay in World Superbike in 2014.

Sykes took the lead in the Superbike World Championship after winning both races last weekend at Imola. His contract with Kawasaki expires after this season season, and he could be a hot commodity for a satellite or production-racer ride in MotoGP next season if he continues the strong form that started last season by losing the SBK title by just one-half point to Max Biaggi.

But Sykes has no plans to move to MotoGP next year, preferring to stay with Kawasaki in WSBK.

"I'd be curious to try a MotoGP bike, but I would run only with a factory bike," Sykes said to Italian media. "It seems to me that there are many Spaniards in that environment, and most of the doors are closed. I had no contacts, and frankly I prefer to devote the work to be done here."


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