Buy Nick Hayden's Helmet. Help Dave Stanton & Family.
by staff
Friday, July 05, 2013

Racer and family man Dave Stanton hugs his step-son, Eddie. Stanton suffered paralyzing injuries in a crash recently. Someone can buy MotoGP racer Nick Hayden's helmet to help the Stanton family out in this time of need.
image thanks, dave stanton

As we roll with still decent speed into our twenty-fifth year of working in the motorcycle racing industry, seeing a racer or colleague suffer with paralyzing injuries is still very difficult for us to process through. What it must be like for the individual who will not walk again is unimaginable.

After being around almost a dozen people who have become paraplegics, we've recognized a pattern. Good news is very relative. The fact that you might not ever walk again and will have to adopt to a new life is just really the bow of a ship of realities you have to adjust to.

What we've seen is that a paralyzing injury can be a financial volcano erupting almost daily, especially in the early days of the injury. You can't work--no income. Your emotionally and physically exhausted wife is at your side almost 24/7, so she can't work; thus friends, family and care services throw in to help care for your kids. Hospital and other care service bills come to the house in envelopes so big and are so thick with pages they could be bound. Your house, which you want so badly to get back to--is not handicap-accessible.

Racer Dave Stanton is a good man and well regarded by everyone who knows him. He raced motorcycles for nearly two decades before that day at Thunderhill and left an impression on many—including a kid he used to race against in WERA regional events. That "kid" is now factory Ducati MotoGP racer Nick Hayden.

We wondered how we could be the conduit for some financial help for Dave Stanton and his family. After mentioning this to Nicky Hayden, he offered up the last helmet he has from his 2012 MotoGP season as a way to help his old friend Dave Stanton.

Hayden said, via email, I remember Dave Stanton from my old WERA days. I still see him around today and it's always nice to say hello to him and his family. He is really one of the good guys of our sport. I have one helmet left from last season and will send it to the person who buys it, with all the money going to Stanton and his family.

'I own one of the helmets Nicky Hayden used in his Grand Prix career.'
image thanks, 6then9
Hayden wore the Arai helmet in several Grand Prixs last season, and it is similar to the one he wears in the accompanying photo. If the buyer wants it autographed Hayden is happy to oblige.

We're looking for someone to give Dave Stanton's family a check for $5000 for this helmet.

To be clear: the buyer will send Stanton and family the funds directly. Once Stanton or his wife receive the check, Nicky or Tommy Hayden will send them the helmet via UPS.

For the record: this is not a tax deductible charity and you'd need to talk to your accountant on how this could be used in that way.

If you're a person who wants to buy Nick Hayden's MotoGP helmet for $5000, contact us here and we'll send you to Stanton's family to get the process started. We will oblige the buyer's wishes to have his name here when we update the page or remain anonymous.

Logistical note: the helmet is actually on the dresser in Nick Hayden's bedroom in his house in California, and he won't be there until after Sachsenring. He will ship it out first thing when he arrives there before Laguna MotoGP.

Attention scammers or people who think it might be kind of funny to waste this family's time: please, don't make us "go Mladin" on you.

For more info on Stanton, or send him less than $5000, he has a blog that he is updating when possible.


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