Rossi Bares Fangs at Bautista
by staff
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Valentino Rossi vented his spleen at Alvaro Bautista after the pair nearly collided for the second consecutive race Sunday at Barcelona.

Rossi and Bautista hip-checked each other on the first lap June 2 at Mugello, with both ending up out of the race in the tire fencing. They nearly bumped again on the first lap Sunday at Barcelona when Bautista threw his Honda under Rossi's Yamaha at the end of the back straight. Bautista lost control of his bike and slid into the gravel, his race over.

Rossi is the biggest name in racing and on one hand he almost has to expect that lesser-known riders will be trying anything and everything to "beat Rossi".

Rossi went on to finish fourth but saved some choice words for Bautista after the race and urged Race Direction to rebuke the Spaniard.

"For me, the behavior of Bautista is not very clever," Rossi said to English media. "In Mugello, he made a mistake and he f*cked my home race, where it was possible for me to have big pain. But one mistake can happen. He cut the line, and I was already there, so he didn't see me, and unfortunately it can happen.

"But doing the same in the next race another time with me is very stupid, I think."

The reality is that if a rider's qualifying performance is lacking, he will be gridded next to riders he has little familiarity with as they run into the first few turns. This, thus far, is Rossi's life in 2013. His qualifying position dooms him in more ways than one, and if he continues to qualify poorly he can expect to be a very big target for younger riders.


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