Crutchlow Scraps Chassis Upgrade, Still Finds Answers
by staff
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crutchlow finally received an updated frame. He didn't like it.
The outspoken Cal Crutchlow was quick to point out earlier this season that he was fighting in the top five and scoring podium finishes - beating Yamaha Factory god Valentino Rossi along the way - despite racing a chassis that was two to three steps behind that used in the M1's raced by factory duo Rossi and reigning World Champion Jorge Lorenzo.

So what happened when Crutchlow received an upgraded chassis for the Barcelona test Monday? He didn't like it.

You can't make this stuff up.

Crutchlow has suffered from braking problems with full fuel loads in the early laps of races this season. It was hoped the new frame - on which Lorenzo rode to victory in the season opener at Qatar - would help solve those problems in his Tech 3 Yamaha. No dice, Crutchlow reported.

"I tested the chassis that Valentino and Jorge aren't using, which is also the one Lorenzo won the race on at Qatar and raced in Jerez," Crutchlow said. "Now he has gone back to the other chassis, and I can confirm it is no better than mine, which is last year's. I did a whole day on it, and struggled in some areas. It seems more stable in braking, but all the other points, it is not as good. I did one run on my existing chassis with a 25-lap-old tire and went just as fast, basically, and felt more comfortable.

Lorenzo and Rossi were provided with a new fuel-tank design at the test that supposedly helps with weight distribution and makes it easier for the riders to move around on the bike. Crutchlow was not provided with that upgrade, but he still thinks he found a bike setup that will let him brake more deeply in the corners with a full tank of fuel.

Crutchlow crashed out of the Catalunya Grand Prix on Sunday - his first result outside of the top five this season - when he hit a curb early in the race with a full tank, struggling to keep pace with the top trio of Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez.


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