2014 MotoGP Regulations Coming Into Focus?
by staff
Friday, March 29, 2013

Proposed engine rev limits will be dropped but prototype bikes will be provided just 20 liters of fuel for each race as horse-trading continues between manufacturers, Dorna, IRTA and the FIM to form the 2014 technical regulations, German media reported.

The report indicated the technical rules for the 2014 season are all but approved by all parties, with just small wrinkles to iron.

Rev limits were dropped because Ducati's Desmosedici engines rotate up to 18,500 rpm, higher than its Japanese rivals. Dorna targeted a limit of 16,500 rpm and feared Ducati would be unfairly penalized by the new rev limit, the report indicated.

Speeds will be curtailed by the smaller fuel allotment, as engineers will have less fuel to play with as they calculate fuel mixtures. CRT bikes, HRC customer prototypes and those bikes using the leased Yamaha M1 engines in 2014 will have a maximum fuel allotment of 24 liters per race, the report said.

But teams using CRT machines, Honda customer bikes or leased Yamaha engines also must use the Magneti Marelli spec electronic control unit hardware and software. Prototype teams only need to take the Magneti Marelli hardware and may continue to program their software in-house.

Each team will continue to be allowed only five engines per season, a new rule for 2013.


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