So Long, Jason
by staff
Monday, May 13, 2013

Jason Chinnock's last day at Ducati North America was yesterday. The former Minnesotan and huge race fan has accepted a position at Lamborghini.
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The motorcycle industry is littered with Minnesotans. People from the midwest who are offered positions in the bike industry usually gravitate towards the west coast where the local weather allows for more than 3-4 months of decent riding a year.

Ex-Minnesotan Jason Chinnock worked his way up the ladder at Ducati USA--he's been based in their Cupertino office for several years--and although bikes are undoubtedly his first love, a chance to move up within the VW/Audi Group was something he could not let pass.

Yesterday was Chinnock's last day at Ducati. He starts as Marketing General Manager at Automobili Lamborghini very soon.

Chinnock commented: "It's more of a move than a departure. Ducati has been nine years of the best experience that I've ever had. The company has provided me great opportunities. It's time for a change and to give other people an opportunity to guide the brand in the US."

"I'll now get a new challenge to rebuild the image of another iconic Italian brand for our market... But I'll always miss Ducati as my first love. At least I get to spend my last couple days at an event to launch the Marley Africa Road Trip series and a ride up the coast," he said.

With motorcycles so entrenched in his life, we somehow suspect this won't be the last we see of JAson.


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