Does Ducati's CEO Ride? Of Corse.
by staff
Monday, May 20, 2013

Ducati's CEO Claudio Domenicali took a few laps on the 1199 at the new model's press intro at COTA. Verdict? Not bad.
image thanks, Ducati

While he hadn't yet been named CEO when this photo was taken, Claudio Domenicali has long been a force of nature inside Ducati. From the days when Ducati Corse had just been formed to his later progression into production, Domenicali's hands are all over nearly every aspect of Ducati as a company.

It's known that Domenicali has shown himself to be respectfully fast in a car, but how is he in leathers and helmet on a racetrack? Interestingly the Italian slipped into a set of cow skin and pulled on an Arai at the recent 1199 press intro at COTA and did a session. Most didn't think that he would ride at the press intro as he had just injured himself in a ski crash before the trip to Texas. Domenicali brought his own gear to the test and once he saw the track could not be denied the chance to ride it.

How did Domenicali do? Ex-racer and now Soup tester Danny Coe rode with the man who would soon be named Ducati's CEO in a few weeks. Coe is not easy to impress--but he came away pretty impressed by Doemnicali's skills as a rider.


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