UK Artist Makes Nicky Hayden Dirt Track T-Shirt
by staff
Sunday, July 07, 2013

Artist Tim Beaumont has made a cool t-shirt celebrating Nicky Hayden's dirt track roots. The shirts are printed and shipped from the UK, and cost $28 plus shipping.
image by tim beaumont

American Nicky Hayden--he came from the same heartland of racing--dirt track--that gave us Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey. Consider yourself lucky if you ever saw Hayden on a dirt track bike--the image of him sideways on an XR750 is branded in our brain and we, again, remain hopeful that we will one day see Hayden on a dirt track bike in the US again.

Hayden is a former dirt track winner and in fact just needs a win at a Mile in order to slide his way into the Grand Slam Club.

Artist Tim Beaumont has designed and printed a great t-shirt celebrating Nicky Hayden's dirt track origins and that iconic image of Hayden on the XR. He's selling them via his own web site (link). Shirts come in all the popular sizes and are just $28 with shipping from the UK included.


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