Stoner: Crutchlow Taking Big Risk By Padding Wallet At Ducati
by staff
Friday, September 20, 2013

Casey Stoner, MotoGP's reluctant hero, continues to speak to the media at every opportunity about the sport he shuns and slams at every opportunity. The latest subject of his geyser-like opinions was Cal Crutchlow, who has been the top satellite rider this season for Tech 3 but is switching to Ducati and its troubled program in 2014.

Stoner thinks Crutchlow will have a fatter bank account by leaving Tech 3, and his reported $300,000 annual salary, for what must be a seven-figure paycheck from the Boys in Bologna. But two-time MotoGP World Champion Stoner, who won his first crown on a Ducati in 2007, also thinks the move could push Crutchlow further down the totem pole among elite MotoGP riders.

"I understand exactly where Cal is coming and that he feels that he can not stay with his current team," Stoner said to German media. "But I also think that he does not realize what is its current standard motorcycle, it's basically a factory bike. It is not possible to get a much better bike than what Cal has at the moment.

"Go to Ducati is the right way from a financial perspective. But I'm not sure what this step will mean for his career."


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