Casey Stoner: Free At Last
to be a traveling supercross fan ...
by staff
Monday, April 28, 2014

Two-time MotoGP champ Stoner has attended several Supercross races this season.
Australian Casey Stoner, who retired from MotoGP at the end of 2012 season, has become quite a fan of American Supercross racing, it seems.

Stoner has attended several Supercross rounds this season and was on hand last weekend to see his friend Ryan Villopoto win the Supercross title in New Jersey. Stoner spends time with Villopoto at the races he attends, doing track walks and attending chapel service with the multi-time Supercross champion.

Like any GP roadracer in America, Stoner is largely unrecognized at Supercross races. Those who have spoken with Stoner at the Supercross races say Stoner is polite, accommodating and almost charming when speaking casually with fans.

As Marc Marquez storms to MotoGP race win after race win, some feel that the only carbon-based life form who could challenge the Spanish wonder-kid may very well be Stoner. And if nothing else, a race between the two Honda titans has the potential to be a pay-TV smash hit.

Chances of Stoner returning to exert his dominance on the new Marquez MotoGP series? Probably about zero--or less.

At a recent Supercross, Stoner told one fan that he'd return to MotoGP tomorrow if all that was required was he race the motorcycle, but that he wasn't interested in doing "any of the media or PR bullsh*t" that all riders must endure.

The friendship between Stoner and Villopoto might seem like an odd mix, but the American, when he's not racing on knobbies, enjoys hunting and fishing--as does, of course, ex-racer Stoner.

Stoner is half-expected to be at the Las Vegas Supercross finale this coming weekend.


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