Shock: Ben Spies To Return To Racing
by staff
Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Well that didn't take long.

Three time AMA Superbike champion, World Superbike champion and GP winner Ben Spies announced in a media teleconference today that he will make a return to racing in 2014. Spies retired last fall because of complications from a shoulder injury and shoulder surgery.

"I'm back on the track and ready to add some more trophies to the rack," Spies said
Spies said his shoulder has responded to a new treatment regimen and as of today he plans to race in both the United States and Europe this season. The American world champion was vague as to exactly which series he'd be racing. What about the new pro-am Triple Crown series? "Triple Crown, Quadruple Crown, I don't care, I'll race anything, anywhere," the Texas resident said.

In an unusual--even for Spies--media event, the teleconference was held with Spies while he was in a gym doing push-ups. Spies inferred he did so to prove that his shoulder is fully healed.

Additionally, to "silence the doubters" Spies did push ups US Marine-style, clapping between pushups, all while on speakerphone with a small group of selected US race media insiders.

"1001...(clap) 1002... (clap) 1003 ... (clap) Ohh, it's the deep burn. (clap) Oh, hey, media guys (clap) just wanted to let you know that my shoulder is 100% again. (clap) Fully healed. (clap) And, I'm a racer, that's what I do and (clap) now that the shoulder is fully healed (clap) I'm back on the track and ready to add some more trophies to the rack," Spies said, before mentioning that when the media teleconference began, in case some hadn't heard it, he had already done over 1000 push ups.

"Ohh, it's the deep burn!" Spies exclaimed again.

Media skepticism of Spies' comeback or condition were swept aside when Spies confessed that his injured shoulder finally responded to an unlikely and unconventional treatment regimen.

Spies explained that each time media giant called his mobile phone, in frustration, the former world champion slammed the phone on a table several times all while screaming expletives at the unanswered call. The roundhouse slamming of the phone down proved to be just the therapy his shoulder responded to, Spies said.

"After 8-10 times a day of those losers at Soup calling me to do my column, my shoulder actually started to get better. Now I am fully healed and ready to race," he said.


More info on Spies' comeback will be forthcoming.


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