Casey Stoner Has Loose Plans To Attend COTA MotoGP Event
by staff
Thursday, April 03, 2014

A man with a bow in gunrack country.
Former two-time world champion Casey Stoner would seem to be the last person you'd expect to see at a MotoGP race these days. For the simple reason that Stoner seemed so miserable while he was racing and could not wait, it seemed, to get away from the public relations and media responsibilities associated with being a MotoGP world champion.

That said, Casey Stoner, according to Honda MotoGP sources, is on vacation in the United States at the moment, and has loose plans to attend the COTA MotoGP race in Austin Texas next weekend.

Also Stoner is a known Supercross enthusiast and the Supercross series is in Houston this weekend. Is he in Texas? Unknown. It's been rumored all week that the entire Repsol MotoGP team will be at the Supercross this weekend.

The last photos posted on Stoner's Twitter account were of archery accessories and a bow.

Current media frenzy has it that Stoner is setting foot back in the same paddock that made him so unhappy because he intends to ride next year and is testing the waters. With Stoner, the only thing the media can know for sure is that he thinks they're wrong.


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