Finding A Marc In The Media
by staff
Friday, April 11, 2014

With the English-speaking press world champion Marc Marquez is a tentative young man. With the Latins, though, the real Marquez emerges.
image by dean adams

An interesting transformation takes place each time Marc Marquez speaks to the MotoGP media.

A media de-brief is held twice a day at the racetrack. It's formal yet informal: media members circle Marquez and ask him questions. Usually the Spanish/Italian press go first, and then the English-speaking press envelope the thin Spanish rider. Marquez gives interviews in two different languages. Today the American and other English-speaking media went first.

English is not Marquez's first language but he is capable of answering most any questions put to him in English. But his body language is slightly of a shy young man not wanting to trip over his own verbal shoelaces. His answers are short and his eyes reveal he is trying hard to give the interviewer the information as best he can. He does very well in English.

The Latin press went next, and it was easy to spot the transformation in Marquez as he spoke in his native language. The uncertain, tentative boy was gone. A confident young man forced itself out of the boy flesh. A self-assured, but not cocksure, man spoke. He smiled, had his chest out and had a confident air about him that was more gunfighter than cowboy, to use a local metaphor.

Based on all available data, it's an easy assumption to make that at COTA the only entity who can beat Marc Marquez is Marc Marquez. But if you watched him speak in English you'd have a hard time believing that he was capable of doing so.

However, when he speaks in his mother tongue, it's clear that the rest of the field are going to be breaking their ankles off trying to hold on to him.


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