Ryder Notes: Cal Comes Undone
by julian ryder on the ground in Texas
Friday, April 11, 2014

We wondered how long it would take before Cal Crutchlow forgot that he wasn't supposed to be rude about his motorcycle. The answer was just over one race. He wasn't happy this morning after an electrical fault interrupted the first free practice and even less so after not enjoying second free practice at all. Cal has now discovered that the Desmosedici understeers.

First he announced that the bit that broke this morning, causing the Duc to stop almost instantly, was sourced from a helicopter parts list. Judging by the sudden stop, said Cal, the helicopter in question wouldn't have been airborne for long. That was followed up by a general complaint that the Ducati uses too much electronics. This was not, Cal was at pains to point out, a general criticism of electronics in MotoGP in general but a plea for the multi-layered Ducati system to be simplified.

Then there was the matter of turning the thing. Or rather not turning it. If ever a section of track were going to show up an understeer problem it's the run down from COTA's first corner all the way to Turn 11. That and the multiple rights before the two final lefts. Unsurprisingly, Cal felt they were his strongest areas last year on the Yamaha. This year the word he used was "disaster".

Audi, Ducati's owners, insisted on sending Cal and Andrea Dovizioso on a media course earlier this year, along with their car racers. There is also a scurrilous rumour that Dovi got fined for some of his comments not so long ago. Which kinda begs the question, how long will it be before Cal's paying Ducati rather than the other way round?

Meanwhile Marc Marquez carried on making the rest look silly. On a leg that still isn't fixed, and without the benefit of painkillers.


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