Austin Weather Update: A Hard Rain Might Fall
Sunday, April 13, 2014

We suspected that it would take something quite Biblical to beat Marc Marquez at COTA this weekend, and not just your run of the mill monster from the Bible would be enough. Cycloptic giant? A curse that turns people into salt? Sorry, Marquez probably has that covered.

No, to defeat Marquez it might take something seriously old testament. You know, a leviathan or clouds of locusts so dense they block out the sun, or the streets running with blood-level stuff.

This morning local weather forecasters were half-predicting that a hard rain was going to fall in Austin about the time the MotoGP race is set to start. Depending on which one you listened to, some predicted that the rain could fall at the rate of "one inch per hour, or more".

At the moment, it is very cloudy at COTA with occasional drops of water from the sky.

However, if we see a man building a large ship we'll get concerned. Until then, stay tuned.


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