Edwards Heads To The Last Round Up
by staff
Monday, April 21, 2014

Edwards. The last round up in 2014. Time to share. This is a 'wallpaper' image Soup's Mark L did a few years ago.
image by mark lessleyoung

In some ways Colin Edwards II turning 40 hit us harder than it did when we turned the big four decades. Having covered racing in the US from the "BC" era--Before Colin--no matter how old he gets Colin will always be that skinny, leggy kid on the RC30 at the CCS Race of Champions, or the sort of beater Honda 600 at the WERA GNF. He was the original MTV generation rider, and there are people here at Soup who get up occasionally and are astounded that 1989 was more than a few years ago. To us he is timeless.

Colin Edwards remains one of the riders that we've watched ride so many races and on such a diverse group of bikes that we believe--or have deluded ourselves into believing--we can usually tell how he's doing based solely on his body language on the bike or his facial expression on race day morning.

The Indy MotoGP event in August will be Colin Edwards' last race in America. "End of an era" is a common summation in sports today but this time, it's undeniably true.


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