Lorenzo Insider Joins Marquez Camp
by staff
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There is a familiar face shadowing world champion Marc Marquez these days.
image by will ivins

Only in the possibly over-analyzed by the moment world of MotoGP could Jorge Lorenzo be facing suggestions that after just two races he has collapsed as a racer. Using his ill-timed race crash at Qatar and the 'brain fade' jumped start at Texas, some Latin-based media suggest that the wheels are coming off at Team Lorenzo.

Two MotoGP championships and the fearlessness he showed as a MotoGP rookie might be more conclusive data to use when making assumptions, but just for a moment, accept that Lorenzo is going into failed Fembot mode. What might be causing this?

Riders are amazing creatures. Blessed with the capability to hold their nerve —and braking fingers —when even the least rational human brain would be fire-in-an-old theater-screaming BRAKES! NOW!, yet so too are they burdened, some of them anyway, with behind the scenes lives that look a little like a reality TV show. Did you hear about the world champion from several decades ago who, many around him suspected, cratered his racing career because his girlfriend broke up with him?

Jorge Lorenzo has authored two books. The first, My Story So Far (published in 2009) saw Lorenzo giving a blazingly honest recounting of the behind the scenes drama of his racing career, his relationship with his father and former managers. At one point, Lorenzo had filed restraining orders and was concerned, he wrote, that he was being followed by leg-breakers hired by a former associate.

The fluid nature of Lorenzo's support group showed itself at Qatar and Texas when Lorenzo's corner man, Hector Martin, was seen working for Marc Marquez. Martin was, for several years, basically Lorenzo's personal assistant and professional liaison before re-joining Team Marquez in 2014 (they had worked together previously).

Two bad races don't equal a collapse, even in MotoGP. However, it seems as if the scene behind the scenes at Jorge Lorenzo's camp are as fluid as ever.


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