"The Bayliss Book"
by staff
Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The long-awaited 'Bayliss Book'. It was worth the wait.
image thanks, david bull
We have yet to finish reading Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way but already we feel it is a modern motorcycle classic and a fascinating read. --SBP

This just in from Bull Publishing:

Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way

In Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way, Troy explains how applying the same principles that took him to the top can help you become quicker, more confident, and better prepared. Writing with Sport Rider Senior Editor Andrew Trevitt, Troy reveals essential techniques that produce faster lap times, greater control, and improved safety, each one explained in practical terms that any rider can grasp. The book includes chapters devoted to visual skills, body positioning, line selection, steering, braking, and throttle control. And it also explains how bike setup and mental and physical conditioning can help riders find a faster way in any setting.

The techniques and tips in Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way are illustrated with color photographs showing Troy applying them at the track.There are also diagrams and illustrations that explain the principles and technology behind each technique. And the book begins with a Foreword by Paolo Ciabetti, who helped bring Troy to Ducati in 2000 and remains an important influence.

"The most important thing to realize about motorcycle riding is that it's a dynamic skill. You will always be able to improve or change something to be faster, smoother, and safer."

-- Troy Bayliss

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Amazon link: Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way


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