Under His Skin
by dean adams
Friday, August 08, 2014

Fire in the eyes. Lorenzo after today's press conference at Indy.
image by dean adams
Yesterday's packed pre-event press conference at Indy Motor Speedway had one interesting moment. Well, more than one, honestly, but one of the more fascinating exchanges wasn't Crutchlow saying, no, he wasn't going to explain how it came to pass that he and Ducati are splitting up, neither did it come when Valentino Rossi and company all dejectedly declared that stopping Marc Marquez from win number ten was going to be difficult at best, nor was it when even Nicky Hayden said that the prospects for an American in MotoGP after 2014 aren't anywhere near great.

The interesting moment came when Nicky Hayden--by mistake--jumped ahead of Jorge Lorenzo when answering a question from the floor. It wasn't until HAyden finished that Lorenzo had to point out that he was indeed supposed to give his opinion before the American. Lorenzo seemed to take that one in stride, saying, "Yes, Nicky pass on the outside, no?"

Then, later, jokingly, Hayden started to speak before Lorenzo when the press conference--oddly--turned to the subject of Phillip Island and and Jack Miller. Hayden started to speak, then smiled and said to Lorenzo, "I don't want to get into that. Go ahead."

Lorenzo was much less amused the second time and the stories of the ease at which one can offend him seemed true.

Lorenzo's eyes burned holes as he spoke about the Australian subject.


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