Indy: Lorenzo Approved
by dean adams
Friday, August 08, 2014

Former world champion Jorge Lorenzo--and Marc Marquez--are extremely popular with the Latino fans.
image by DFA

The 2014 Indy MotoGP event might just be the one that showed the event turning the corner.

Ticket sales are said to be up in double digits this year. A Mr. V. Rossi on a competitive M1 might be a factor in that surge, but whatever it is, the famed Midwest track will take an increase in advance ticket sales.

Also, seemingly gone are the mostly Stoner-led rants about the track surface and venue. The changes made to the track in the off-season, the re-paving of three or four sections, unified the track surface (it's worth noting that no MotoGP traction control system ever nullified the old Indy surface). And the modification of the corners so that they do not close up on exit, but flow out more, has met with seal of approval from Jorge Lorenzo,

"I'm very satisfied and very grateful to the track for making the changes," Lorenzo said after this morning's first MotoGP practice. "The surface is much more consistent around the track. Before there were sections that were slippery and others that were not. Also most of the bumps disappear. In general, I much prefer the 2014 version of this track. Also the modification of the corners suits our bike a little more."


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