Near Pandemonium
by staff
Saturday, August 09, 2014

The fans and their man.
image by DFA

Another sign that the Indy USGP is growing stronger is the fact that Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi's fans nearly overpowered Indy security today when trying to get their man.

In Europe Rossi's fans doing a "Valentino Invasion" when he is sighted are quite common. In the US, it's slightly defused simply because the sheer number of Rossi fans is slightly smaller.

Today, after final qualifying, Rossi signed autographs for his fans behind the Yamaha garage in the paddock. the Speedway had already assigned multiple security men to the area and they were tasked with keeping the fans behind the barriers.

As it usually happens, the moment Rossi gives an indication that he may need to do something else hysteria in his fan base grows. Many have been waiting hours for him to come out and the possibility that the waiting might come with no payoff means fans grow unruly.

Speedway security and the Yamaha team were able to maintain order but for one moment the fans in front where being pushed across the barriers and into the garage area with many shouting for order.


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