Indy 2014: The Year The Event Came Back?
by dean adams
Saturday, August 09, 2014

It may very well be that the 2014 edition of the Red Bull Indy GP is the one that signals that the event has made a comeback.

Attendance for the first two editions of the race were popular with fans, however for the next few years attendance numbers were nowhere near what IMS expected from the international event.

Signs are good that the event is coming back. Ticket sales are said to be up this year with some sources saying they are up in double digits, percentage-wise.

While the MotoGP race is certainly not the only event in Indianapolis this weekend, hotels downtown last night were sold out for miles. Race fan attendance at the track on Friday was strong, and today--Saturday--the crowd looks like a 2012-13 Sunday crowd. There are a great many people here, with the good infield parking seemingly full by 10:00 AM.

The long term status of the race is at the moment unknown. It is said that the current contract between IMS and Dorna ends after this race.

The Speedway's President, J. Douglas Boles, said, via e-mail: Motorcycle racing is something that we greatly enjoy hosting at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Watching MotoGP riders race into Turn 1 at over 210 mph is nothing short of spectacular and our fans that attend just love the event. This year, we invested in new corners and new asphalt on the road course in order to provide the riders with an improved racing facility designed to accommodate the uniqueness of motorcycle racing. We are continuing to discuss with Dorna Sports how we can develop a relationship that makes sense for our fans, the track, Dorna, the riders, the teams and this community. The conversations are on-going and a high priority and we will make an announcement about the future as soon as possible.


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