American Edwards Closes Door On Racing Career?
by staff
Sunday, August 10, 2014

It might have been just post-race endorphins flowing heavily (not the only thing flowing heavily in the Edwards motorhome) but judging from his comments tonight, one can wonder if Colin Edwards II will ever race a GP bike again.

Edwards had already said that he would be doing an abbreviated schedule after the Indy MotoGP race, and would not be taking part in the next race on the calendar at Brno.

Tonight, however, he didn't sound like he was going to do any more racing at all in 2014.

While he has said that he intends to go to the Silverstone race to see his UK fans one last time, tonight Edwards said it wasn't certain that he'd be racing the event.

"I'll be there, on the stage, (for Day of Champions) but whether I'll be there racing is not yet set in stone," he said in his motorhome tonight.

The Forward Yamaha post-race press release from Indy quoted Edwards as saying: "It was an emotional weekend thanks to the amazing support I have received here at Indy and from all over the world. The race was hard. I was counting the laps and on the slow down lap I waved goodbye to the crowd with the American flag that one guy of the troops gave me. It was great, but now it's time to move on."


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