Ryder Notes: Technical Details (& ) A Joke
by julian ryder, on the ground in the brno
Friday, August 15, 2014

One dry session and one wet session didn't tell us much that we didn't know. Marc Marquez was fastest in both.

Of more interest, the unusual sight of a press conference featuring the race bosses of Honda, Yamaha and Ducati. Despite some technically illiterate questions, a few interesting facts emerged and Nakamoto-san of HRC made one good joke.

First, all the factories will start testing Michelin's 17-inch tyres very soon; Honda in Japan at the end of the month, Yamaha and Ducati next month.

Gigi Dall'Igna confirmed that the new Ducati will not be seen at the end-of-season Valencia test and we will have to wait for the Sepang test in February. "I would like to do this job once." Twice he emphasized that he regards this season as a "development year" and if that means Andrea Iannone may have to start a race from pit lane because he uses an extra engine, then so be it.

Next year's customer Honda will have this year's RCV engine, but not the seamless box, plus open Class electronics.

Will all the rule changes for the 2-16 do what they're designed to do? Tsuji-san of

Yamaha thought so, Nakamoto-san thought that the only way to save money was to keep the rules the same for as long as possible, and Dall'Igna didn't know but was sure that customer bikes had to be cheaper.

The joke? Tsuji was asked if the Yamaha riders' main complaint was still corner entry. Before he cold answer, Nakamoto butted in: "Our riders complain too."


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