So Much For The Bonus Villa
That Never Was ...
by staff
Friday, August 22, 2014

Consecutive race wins or championships are the compensation that makes a rider's business manager salivate uncontrollably.

Contracts with manufacturers are known, generally, to have pay clauses in them which compound with each consecutive win or title. After his several consecutive wins and claiming the FX title at Road Atlanta many years ago, Miguel DuHamel's contract paid him nearly one million dollars for the final day of work in the season. That might have been the year that a new limited to 50 editions NSX was written into the contract as well for a win bonus, but the NSX (car) production had already stopped for the year. So Honda made him a Zanadri NSX by hand, it is said, and delivered it to his house in Vegas. The story goes that's why they made 51 and not 50.

Cars are cool bonuses. Then again, so are planes: one year in his consecutive AMA Superbike title run, Mat Mladin bought a twin engine plane with his Suzuki bonus check ...

Thus you might expect that there were tears shed in the Marquez camp after the recent Brno race where the 21 year old's consecutive race win streak came to an end. How much did that cost Marquez in bonuses? How much would it have paid had he won every race this season?

Actually, it probably didn't cost him anything. Marquez signed a huge new contract earlier in the year and the contract didn't have any clauses for consecutive race win bonuses. Insiders suggest that the Honda contract was already lucrative beyond compare and that Marquez's side felt no need to try and squeeze every last dime out of HRC.

If true, that stings less.


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